A Week of Kindness

Prior Lake High School prepares for Kindness Week, which will take place February 21 to February 24.


Grace Cline, Editor-in-Chief

In the midst of several of charity events, sports competitions, and a busy beginning to quarter three, Prior Lake High School students are making time for kindness. As one of the first events that Student Council and National Honor Society came together to create, Kindness Week is intended to bring together the student body in the spirit of friendship and unity.

At the invention of a South Suburban Conference (SSC) Leadership meeting in early November of 2016, members of Student Councils and National Honor Societies from the metro area came together to create a campaign for change that they could implement in their respective schools.

Through healthy debate and constructive criticism, the students devised Kindness Week. At that point in time, Kindness Week was merely an idea, however, students from all schools agreed that it was much needed. Kindness Weeks throughout schools of the metro area are expected to take place throughout spring.

Taking place on Tuesday, February 21 to Friday, February 24 during the school day, students will have the opportunity to participate in several different activities that promote kindness.

During their lunch hour on Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday. February 22, students have the opportunity to write and send a “compliment-gram” to a peer. With the help of Student Council and National Honor Society volunteers, the “compliment-grams” will be delivered to students during first hour on Friday, February 24. In hopes of encouraging more students to participate in Kindness Week, the “compliment-grams” cost no money.

Festivities continue later in the week on Thursday, February 23. During their lunch hour, students have the opportunity to write and send a thank you note to a teacher. The thank you notes will be distributed to the teachers on Thursday afternoon. The student body will celebrate Friday, February 24 as Unity Day. Students and staff are encouraged to wear the color blue on Friday, as a symbol of standing in solidarity with one another.

Although Kindness Week and its activities will only last four days, Kindness Week co-chair Ben Hildebrandt hopes it will be a catalyst for change. Ben believes that “even if just one person is inspired to live out kindness every day from then on, our mission has succeeded!”