A knowledge-a-bowl team


Prior Lake Knowledge Bowl at the St. Francis Rumble on the Rum meet.

Preethi Kumar, Editor

“Convert the number 25 from base 10 to base 8.” Now, this is no question on the ACT, but a question that our Knowledge Bowl is all too familiar with. Knowledge Bowl is a competitive activity where different teams try to accurately guess the correct answer for general and specific information. They compete in meets with teams around our area.

Knowledge Bowl consists of freshman to seniors, and there are around 10 different teams within the team, each consisting of around 4 to 5 people. Typically, upperclassmen tend to be apart of the Varsity teams, and underclassmen tend to be apart of the junior varsity team, but there are some exceptions. Each Varsity or Junior Varsity team is given a number to indicate the skill level of the team. “V1 is the best team they have for upperclassmen and JV1 is the best team they have for underclassmen,” says Veronica Wolfe.

Sydney Kuhl, a junior, joined the team this year. She says “I joined because my friend talked me into it and I thought it would be fun”. She also said her favorite thing about Knowledge Bowl is laughing with her teammates about the ridiculous answers they come up with or something random someone on her team says.

Veronica Wolfe, a junior that competes alongside Kuhl, says she loves Knowledge Bowl. Wolfe said her favorite thing about Knowledge Bowl is “The people and the atmosphere of everything. The meets are intense, but everybody is so friendly and welcoming.”

With all this knowledge they must remember, they have lots of practice. The team meets after school every day. They prepare for each meet by doing practice questions with their team members. Also, they practice hitting the buzzer because the buzzer has to be fast. Wolfe says that practicing with their team is a great way to relax and get me ready for the meet.”

In February, the V1 got first place at their regional competition, and they also are the 2018-2019 South Suburban Conference Varsity Quiz Bowl champions!

On April 11th, the V1 team competed at the State Tournament and became the 2019 Minnesota State AA Knowledge Bowl Champions!

Kuhl says she recommends others join the team because “Knowledge Bowl is a fun environment where you can learn a lot.” Wolfe says “Even those with busy schedules can find practices and meets to attend, and there is a place on the team for everybody, regardless of intelligence.”