One Act Plays Will Dazzle This Weekend

Noelle Kirscht

Noelle Kirscht and Deonna Tate, Editors

After the recent success of Beauty and the Beast, the Prior Lake Theatre Department is back with three shows for the price of one!  Each is about a half an hour long, and though not all three shows contain dark themes, all three end tragically.

Romeo and Juliet

First up is the student directed one-act, Romeo and Juliet. This year’s student director, senior Noelle Kirscht, chose a modern English version of Romeo and Juliet and set it in a 1950s ice cream parlor.  This is her 11th production with Prior Lake High School, and Kirscht is thrilled to have the opportunity to direct a show.  She has had a great time watching her vision come to life and getting to work with her “amazing cast and crew.”  She feels it has helped her grow in theatre and as a leader. She hopes people like this version of Romeo and Juliet because actors have inserted more comedy than in the original script while still maintaining the integrity of the classic story.

For Feet’s Sake

Next up is the non-competition show, For Feet’s Sake, directed by Sheri Brunner.  This show is a spin-off of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid.  Five sisters all wait for their turn to go to the surface, and the youngest just wants to be part of the human world.  After she meets a handsome prince, she is determined to become human and sets out to fulfill her dream.


The evening concludes with the competition one-act, Antigone, directed by Philip Hoks.  This Greek tragedy is performed with the original text, but in a steampunk, apocalyptic setting.  Antigone stands up for what she believes is right against the powerful king Kreon. Kreon punishes Antigone, but karma comes back to bite him in the end. This cast competes for the first time Saturday, January 28 at New Prague High School.

Catch these three tragedies Friday, January 13 and Saturday, January 14 at 7 p.m.!  Student tickets are $7 (or $5 with student ID) and $10 for adults.