Is Cheating in High School Getting Worse?

Jack Lewis, Contributor


That time of year has come when high school students are taking tests all across the country.


For many students, they have more than one test to study for in a day and this can result in a time crunch and also allow for students to forget about some tests. With the thought of one test missing, students must either take a poor grade on a test or rely on cheating to save their grade.


In a survey of 24,000 students at over 70 different high schools, Donald McCabe, from Rutgers University, found that 95% of students participated in some form of cheating. This fact can be seen as true because of the amount of tests that are given and many students are relying on cheating to pass those tests.


In another study, the Josephson Institute Center for Youth Experts (JICYE) surveyed 43,000 high school students and found that 59% cheated once on a test, and 34% of all students cheated more than once on multiple tests.


This fact is true because if a student can successfully cheat on one test, there is a more likely chance that the student will cheat again on another test in the same class or in a different class.


Another study done by the JICYE shows that one out of every three high school students used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment.


This fact is true because along with many tests in high school, a big majority of homework can also be written or typed papers. Some high school students struggle when it comes to writing papers, and may rely on the Internet to help with their paper.   


Many parents and students say the cause for the recent success in a lot of classes is because they are focussed more and paying attention in class. While for some students this may be true, many students are becoming more distracted with the addition of electronics in the classroom.


Many schools across the country have seen the issue with cheating and tried many solutions. Schools across the country have moved to taking tests on iPads, to stop students from looking at other’s tests, but students are smart and have figured out a way to continue to cheat.


To ensure no cheating happens in the classroom, teachers should give all tests through the LockDown Browser, which is an app that only allows the student to stay on the test and prevent the student from going into other apps and look at notes or look up answers on the Internet.


Teachers can also spread out students during the tests around the classroom to also ensure that nobody looks at another student’s test.


Cheating is a growing problem in our schools today and with the right solutions, such as LockDown Browser, students will learn that no matter how much time it takes, hard work is required in each and every class to get that perfect grade.