We Checked: What’s With the Flags in the Commons?

Maggie Muelken, Contributor

Fun Fact:

Many people have been wondering what the flags above the commons represent. Others have noticed that not every country’s flag is represented.

So, what do they mean? Not many people know, but after asking around, I discovered that the flags represent the home countries of all of Prior Lake High School’s exchange students.

There are many up there, and, of course, the American flag is the largest and is in the center. There are other flags for Guatemala, France, Brazil, Italy, Australia, China, and many more.

Every time we host a student from a new country, a new flag appears.  The flags flying high are to honor all former Laker foreign exchange students.

They are located outside the first pod, third floor, so if you have not noticed or not paid close attention to them, take a closer look next time you pass by!