Band for Life


The Prior Lake Marching Band at TCF Stadium on High School Band Day.

Emma Stumpe, Author

Prior Lake High School has a huge music department. However, band is the bigger portion of that category.

Prior Lake band has many sub-categories. These include Blue and Gold Band for the 9th graders, Varsity Blue, Varsity Gold, and Marching Band for the 10th-12th, Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Fall Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, etc. There are many options to choose from.

Of these, Marching Band is the biggest and most popular choice among students.

The Marching Band just recently got new uniforms thanks to the band boosters and fundraising. Boy do those new uniforms look great. Not only do they look amazing, but they are much easier to put on than the old uniforms.

At the end of every summer there is a week where the band gets together and has band camp. During this week, they practice hard to get ready for the fall. At this week of practice they learn drills and songs for the football games.

During the summer, the band also performs at a variety of parades. These include the Memorial Day Parade, the Dan Patch Days Parade, the Belle Plaine Bar-B-Q Day Parade, the Montgomery Kolachy Day parade, and the Prior Lake Lakefront Day Parade.

These events are just the beginning of the Marching Band events. Every two years the band goes on a trip somewhere. Two years ago, in 2016, the band went to Puerto Rico. And this year, 2018, the band went to Hawaii.

These trips were extremely successful and fun. The students had a great time and many said they would go again.

These trips have amazing opportunities for fundraising to help with payments. Some of these include selling seasoning salt, mattresses, and flowers.

So as you can see, Band is an amazing class with many fun opportunities included. It is a great environment to grow in and to learn from, plus many lifelong friendships can start from here.