Junior and Senior Royalty

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Junior and Senior Royalty

Hope Phan, Contributor

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Get to know your homecoming royalty as they answer a series of questions relating to their thoughts on coronation and homecoming.


An elected couple for the Juniors is Kristin Kay and Sam Emmerich. Kristin Kay enjoys dancing for the Prior Lake Dance Fall Club as well as the Prior Lake Competitive Dance Team. Kristin has been able to participate in two state tournaments. Sam Emmerich plays football, baseball, and hockey. Sam competes at the varsity level for all three of his sports.


One of the senior elected couples includes Amanda Fuechtmann and Ben Jung. Amanda Fuechtmann also is involved in dance at the school as well as at a studio, Center Stage Dance Studio. Amanda is a senior captain of this year’s dance team. Ben Jung competes in the spring sport lacrosse. Ben represents the blue and gold at a varsity level, and boys lacrosse has won two state championships in 2016 and 2018.


Question: Did you have any notion that you were going to become royalty?


Kristin Kay- “I had some sort of idea but I didn’t actually know if we would win or not.”

Sam Emmerich- “Not any until I found out at student council.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “No, I didn’t expect it at all!”

Ben Jung- “No”


Questions: How did it feel to know you got elected by your classmates?


Kristin Kay- “It felt cool to have my classmates vote for me.”

Sam Emmerich- “I was so surprised.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “It was cool to know that I was elected by them!”

Ben Jung- “Pretty neat”


Question: Did you know before the whole school?


Kristin Kay- “Yes I did because Sam’s in student council so we both knew.”

Sam Emmerich- “Yes, because I’m on student council.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “No I found out from the video that we watched in school!”

Ben Jung- “No”


Question: What went through your mind as they played the homecoming court video?


Kristin Kay- “I was at MNcaps so I wasn’t able to watch it at school, but I watched it later that day. Sam and I thought it was hilarious.”

Sam Emmerich- “I couldn’t watch it when the school did, but once I did, I thought it was funny.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “I was really surprised to see myself on the video and the things they chose to describe me.”

Ben Jung- “I was surprised.”


Question: Have you come up with your couple “moves”?


Kristin Kay- “Not yet. We have thought of some ideas but not a lot.”

Sam Emmerich- “No, we still need to come up with it. Sorta forgot about that part.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “No, I haven’t but I need to!”

Ben Jung- “No, but we will practice the moves to make sure they are perfection.”


Question: What appeal are you going for with your moves (ex.funny)?


Kristin Kay- “We want our moves and questions to be funny and enjoying.”

Sam Emmerich- “Definitely funny.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “Funny and creative!”

Ben Jung- “Going for a cool vibe”


Question: Are you scared to go in front of a large crowd?


Kristin Kay- “Not at all!”

Sam Emmerich- “Nope”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “Not really!”

Ben Jung- “No”


Question: What are your feeling about coronation?


Kristin Kay- “I am very excited for it and I’m looking forward to getting dressed up.”

Sam Emmerich- “I’m very excited for it.”

Amanda Fuechtmann- “I’m not really sure what to expect, but I’m excited!”

Ben Jung- “I don’t know. I’ve never been to it.”