Masterwork: finally finished with not one flat note

On October 15, local audiences were treated to a show that showed laker talent melded with professional vocals. The choir directors, Mrs. Randi Erlandson and Mr. Rob Hahn, hired a professional orchestra and soloists to help portray the choir’s Laker Pride! Almost 250 students filed onto the stage at Shepherd of the Lake Church. In discussing the challenge of combining all Choirs together with many different skill levels, Erlandson said, “This is the most difficult part!”  “We know that the youngest members of our program often feel overwhelmed, but we also want them to be included because we feel that having them be involved in all aspects of the program is very important!

The Masterwork started four years ago. Erlandson said that both her and Hahn wanted “something bigger” for the students. She continued to say that they wanted to, “make sure that [they] were providing [the students] with important musical experiences that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to be a part of.”

Overall the Masterwork concert was well attended and every choir sang above expectations. Erlandson commented that the students were, “more prepared than they realize or think they were.” Indeed they were. Starting with this large piece of music at the beginning of the year was definitely challenging for both the students and directors but Erlandson said that, “there’s not really any other good time to put this performance. However, we also feel that it sets the bar really high and reaffirms our belief that challenging our students with great repertoire is important.”