Ed Sheeran takes on Minneapolis


Meg Huss, Contributor

On Saturday October 20, 2018 English singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ed Sheeran performed in Minneapolis, Minnesota at US Bank Stadium. The stadium was filled with thousands of fans screaming for the one-man band taking the stage.

Ed Sheeran is an artist who sings multiple genres of music. The majority of his songs are pop, hip hop, or contemporary folk. The music is written by himself and performed from the smallest of crowds to the largest.

Some of Sheeran’s most popular songs were performed in Minneapolis. He opened the concert with the song “Castle on the Hill” followed by “Perfect”, “Happier”, “Thinking out Loud”, and many more hit songs. To please the crowd he returned with an encore and performed “Shape of You”.

One of the downsides to having concerts in the US Bank Stadium is that sound slightly echoes. The stadium is mostly made of glass which causes sounds to bounce off the walls. Despite the small echo, Sheeran sounded the exact same as he does on the radio, which pleased the crowd.

One of the coolest parts about Ed Sheeran’s performance was that he was the only man on the stage. He played his guitar and used a box to help him make sounds.

One of the reasons why Sheeran’s music is loved is because his words speak to people. He sings about outsiders, love, heartbreak, and self-confidence. His words inspire some who may be lost and need guidance.

Not only was the music great, but it was also fun to see Ed Sheeran interacting with the crowd. He told stories and explained how the concert would go that evening. Sheeran made jokes and told the crowd he expected to see everyone dancing and singing along with him.

Watching him perform felt like watching a normal guy on stage, like he was one of the crowd members. Sheeran dressed casually in jeans and a yellow t-shirt. His hair fell in a natural manner and he was humble about his talent and success.

The concert put on by Ed Sheeran was a hit for the majority of the fans. His talent, motives, morals, and personality inspired others to be like him which only proves what a great artist he is.