Anthem Team Making Noise at PLHS


Anthem Team performing at the Veteran’s Day Breakfast at Savage Hy-Vee.

Natalie Hoepner, Editor

Prior Lake High School is home to many different clubs and activities, and Anthem Team is one of them. The Anthem Team is a group of kids who know different harmonic parts to the National Anthem, and they’re ready to sing at anytime, anywhere.

The National Anthem that the team uses is broken down into 8 parts, 4 women’s voice parts and 4 men’s voice parts. This allows many different chords and divine harmonic pitches. Often at gigs, a team member typically sings alone on their part, instilling a sense of accountability and responsibility within the singers.

The Anthem Team at Prior Lake consists of 32 members including the co-captains Megan McCarthy and Olivia Nelson. Members of this unique team range from freshman to seniors, which allows members in the group to meet upperclassmen and younger students.

All of these vocally strong singers also participate in PLHS choir. This combination allows Anthem Team to represent the talent and capability of the choirs and vice versa. The Anthem Team showcases a small piece of the talented singers here at PLHS and allows audiences to see the skill of our choral students.

This cool team is participating in many cool events this year! Anthem Team has performed in regular sport team events but they highlighted the PLHS football game at TCO, the Strategic Plan Review at PLHS, and the Veterans day breakfast at Hy-Vee. Along with their past gigs, they plan to showcase their talents and honor the flag at many more activities.

I interviewed Gracie DiPerna, a junior and a new member of the Anthem Team this year. “I like being involved in something where all kids are dedicated to it and deserve to be there!” Gracie explains.

DiPerna also talks about the difficulty of the team: “It’s hard that you cannot depend on anyone for your part and that you have to be confident in your own abilities.”

Finally, Gracie reveals her favorite thing about the team, the music. “I like the feeling of hearing all of the harmonies matching up as we sing!”

The Anthem Team continues to amaze crowds with their angelic and harmonically pleasing tune at both sporting and school events.

Anthem team posing before a performance at the Strategic Review Plan dinner at PLHS.
Anthem team taking a picture with Dr. Bezek before the TCO Stadium game!