New Club Alert: Special Olympics Unified Sports Comes to Prior Lake!


Do you love meeting new people? Do you enjoy playing sports? Prior Lake has a new club called Prior Lake Unified. Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, a world in which every single person is accepted and welcomed regardless of ability or disability. It incorporates sports and education-based learning to increase athletic and leadership opportunities for all young people who want to be agents of change.

There are three components that Unified Schools live by: Inclusive Student Leadership, Unified Sports, and Whole School Engagement. Inclusive Student Leadership is an all-embracing leadership club for every student. Students gather together to create social opportunities and lead their school in the advancement of inclusion. Unified Sports combines students with and without intellectual disabilities to participate in inclusive sports training and competition. Whole School Engagement includes bullying prevention and inclusive promotion initiatives that reach entire school populations through engaging, inspiring, an optimistic events. All three areas are crucial to shift the culture of a school towards inclusion.

Here is the big question: Why Should Prior Lake Become a Unified School?

  • Unified Schools aim to create authentic inclusion in schools that change how students interact with one another on a daily basis.
  • Unified Schools aim to be an ally in targeting intolerance, hate speech, and bullying.
  • Unified Schools is the tipping point for school culture and climate as all young people collaborate with school and classroom leaders as architects of their community values and norms.
  • Data shows that those youth who were more involved in Unified School held more positive attitudes toward their peers with intellectual disabilities.

Members of Prior Lake High School have been introduced to a new phrase to make our school a more positive place to learn: The Laker Way. The Laker Way is deeply rooted in the main beliefs of pride, respect, and responsibility. The goal is to focus on these core beliefs to help create, maintain, and enhance a positive culture at PLHS. Unified Schools would contribute to The Laker Way and will help Prior Lake become a well-known, inclusive community.

If you would like to learn more about Prior Lake Unified, you call follow them on social media:

Twitter @LakeUnified

Instagram: @TheLakeUnified

Anyone is welcome to join the weekly meetings on Thursdays @ 7:30 (it is before Laker Time) in room 202. Come check it out and help be apart of an amazing group that is going to thrive and flourish throughout the whole community!