What is Student Council?


Kendra Gilbertson (right)

Skyler Longerbone, Contributer

Not many students at Prior Lake High School know what the student council members do for our school. I decided to interview Kendra Gilbertson, a freshman student council member, to find out more about the club that’s the backbone of our school.

Q: What is the point of student council?

A: It allows students to vocalize their views on how our school should be run. This makes it so that the schools activities reflect what the students want.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being on the council?

A:  My favorite thing about stud co is definitely seeing our ideas come to life. For example most recently my committee ran the pep fest. I absolutely loved seeing the students enjoy something I helped put on.

Q: What types of activities does being on student council entail?

A: Our main events are dances and most of the whole school events you see throughout the year. We also do things like pick the themes for sporting activities, and special events like No-Shave-November.

Q: What initially attracted you to campaigning for student council in 8th grade?

A: I saw how close the student council was from previous years and I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be involved as I started high school. I have always enjoyed leading and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about being on the council?

A: My least favorite thing about being on the council would have to be the people who are there for the wrong reasons.  Some people on the council do it because it looks good on college applications or because they thought it’d be fun to run and get on.  This sometimes creates a negative environment as some people just don’t want to be there.

Q: Why do you think some students are discouraged from campaigning?

A: I feel like some people might be too afraid to run because of the fear of failure that they will experience if they don’t get on. My advice for them would be to just go for it.

Q: What topics do you discuss at your meetings?

A: We usually just talk about the current events we’re planning.  Like during sweethearts we’d come together at the start of the meeting and talk about subjects concerning the entire council.  Then we broke into our specific committees to plan certain events for sweethearts like the pep fest.

Q: What is the environment like in student council?

A:It obviously changes depending on what we’re doing but it’s overall a positive environment that I enjoy being a part of.

Q: Why should students campaign for student council?

A: Students who enjoy taking a lead and being involved should campaign so they have the opportunity to potentially utilize these attributes.

Student council is an activity heavily involved with the atmosphere of our school. These kids that participate in this council not only make great friends and memories, but they host great events that the entire school can experience!