What is Young Life?

Skyler Longerbone, Contributer

You most likely have heard of Young Life Club, whether you’re a freshman or a senior at Prior Lake High School, but what is Young Life? Young Life focuses on introducing teenagers to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. This may be scary to some, but the Young life leaders know this, and they start by building authentic friendships. Club is held every Monday at 7:57pm. It used to be held at the houses of the members, but as time would tell there are just too many members for that to be possible, so club is now held at The Lake Nutrition. This switch made it easier for coordination and for the leaders to talk one on one with the students. From personal experience, I can honestly say at first I was nervous, but I quickly realized how welcoming everyone is there. Everyone wants you to be there and grow your relationship with Christ. This made it very easy for me to meet new people and build new relationships with my fellow students. Club has tremendously helped me grow my faith. When I first heard about Young life I wanted to know what happens at club, which is also what a lot of fellow students ask too. Club usually lasts an hour and it starts with a little bit of social time to get to know the people around you. Then the fun starts, we play group games and challenges for a little while and this helps you get comfortable with everyone. We also do sing alongs, which I personally think is the most fun. After, one of the leader talks about a story from the Bible. They tie this into a personal experience they have had in their life. The leaders make the talk easy to understand and inspiring for the students to grow their faith. Young Life has already changed my life, in the short time I’ve been a member and helped me build connections I would have never been able to build without club. Based on my experience with Young Life, I would encourage each and every one of my fellow students to come to club and see for themselves why they should join and grow their relationship with their peers and Jesus Christ!