In 2019, it’s normal for high school students to attend Normandale

Students at the Prior Lake High School have been joining this program to help complete their college courses sooner


Taylor Tollefsrud, Contributor

Many students are ready to grow up and ready to be treated like an adult. This program, Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), has been available for students at the Prior Lake High School for a couple of years now.

Many people at Prior Lake High School have joined this program. This program allows students to take college classes for free. Many students like Joseline Siguantay Ortiz and Allie Lentz have joined the program.

Joseline had heard about this program from her friend Allie and many others at the start of the year. She was very interested in the program, so she started asking many questions about it. Some of the questions she had asked were, How do you apply? And what are the benefits of joining?

She did lots of research on this program. She had gone to her guidance counselor at the high school and asked if she would be successful in this program.

Her guidance counselor told her that she would be successful in going to Normandale. She explained how it would be harder than high school classes but she thought she could do it.

Her friends had told her that there were lots of project and essays that you would have to do. They reminded her that due to having lots of free time, it was easy to get them done.

After talking to everyone she had got a better understanding of what Normandale would be like, but she still wasn’t completely sold on the idea. She decided junior year that she was just going to take it during her senior year. By taking it her senior year, she would have more time to think about this program.

She talked about it with her family, and they all agreed that it would be a great opportunity to take well she had the chance.

She decided to sign up. When signing up, she had to fill out a bunch of forms and take a placement test. The placement test helps Normandale understand where you’re at and if you’re ready to join this program.

There were two types of programs she could do, there was full time or part time Normandale. She decided to do part-time Normandale. This means that she still has classes at the Prior Lake High School. This allows students to still be apart of the high school while they’re still getting benefits from taking college classes.

At the beginning of the year, Joseline had signed up for morning class. Every morning she goes to her classes at Normandale then comes to the High School for the rest of her classes.

Joseline has taken most of her generals at Normandale. She has taken English, History, and Math. Many of her classes have mostly been online. Most of the time they take their finals online so you don’t have to go to class.

“Joining Normandale has been the best decision I have made in high school”, Joseline said. Normandale is available during your junior and senior year. It gives the chance for people to get a feel on what college is actually like.

“College class are very different than High School classes,” Allie said. She has been at Normandale for two years now and believes that if you have an interest in joining you should do so.

There have been a whole bunch of students that have switched to Normandale. They believe that being at this school gives you more free time during the day.

Joseline is a good student and joining college classes has been a great decision. It challenges her more and learning harder lessons has made her feel like she’s going at the right pace.