A Chilling End to Frozen Two

A Chilling End to Frozen Two

Noelle Hoepner, Contributor

Disney’s release of Frozen led to instant success. When it was released in 2013, it boomed in sales, leading to a profit of over $400 million dollars. Six years later, they decided to film and produce a sequel to the suspenseful movie. The plot mainly goes off the ending of the last movie, and they for sure make it both interesting and suspenseful. 

The storyline of Frozen two is primarily focused on Ana and Elsa’s parents and how they both met and disappeared. They added in special details that were never shown in the first movie to help us understand and relate to their parents better. Most viewers think that since they are a queen and king, they must have been born into a very rich and popular family, but that was not the case. They actually came from two families that were fighting in a war and they fell in love instantly. 

Disney producers in Frozen Two based most of the story in a natural setting, which was really cool to see because in the first movie it was primarily based in Arendelle. It was situated with the two warring families that their parents came from as being trapped in this enchanted forest, and Elsa needed to set them free. When Elsa’s powers to freeze things seemed like a horrible thing, it actually was used to help set people free and be able to see the world outside of this bubble they had to live in.

One thing Frozen Two did well in was keeping the animation pretty much the same, it looked like Frozen and Frozen Two could have been released the same year. In Frozen Two specifically, they added in more humor, mainly coming from Olaf, as a way to make the viewer laugh and enjoy the movie even more.

I highly recommend this movie. If you are a sucker for a Disney animated movie, this is the one for you. After watching the movie, my heart will be forever Frozen.