Solving “crimes” at PLHS

Welcome to Forensics Class!


Coralie Huguet, Contributor

Prior Lake High School started a new Forensics class this year, taught by Science teacher Mr. Koonce. This new class is in response to requests from teachers and students interested in science and crime-solving.

“We go through the skills and procedures needed to solve crime, to answer ‘who done it,” said Mr. Koonce while explaining the course.

In fact, Mr. Koonce and another teacher proposed a couple of courses last year, and “this is one of them. Genetics was another one,” Mr. Koonce said.

Koonce also teaches other science courses including AP Bio, and he hopes that Forensics will continue for years to come. “I am the only person right now teaching forensics. If it grows, there will be other teachers too.”

He decided to teach this course because forensic science has always been something that interested him. Since he was young, he has been fascinated by the subject from watching television shows like CSI.

In order to teach this course, Koonce learned lots of new things although he already knew some through his biology background. He still had to learn techniques used for forensic testing.”It’s supposed to be fun, so I’ve go to learn as well,” Koonce said.

Koonce also praised the students in the course because they are curious and interested in forensic science. What appeals most to Bella Nelson, a senior forensics student, is learning the techniques of DNA analysis.

“It’s really interesting to learn about how criminals act. I think it’s really fun to learn about,” Nelson said.

What is taught in forensics class can also benefit students in the future.

“I think a big thing in every science, not just forensics, is going through the process of how to solve a problem. Going through the process is the biggest takeaway life skill that can come out of this. It is being able to see the things that you have and make your deductions make sense,” Mrs. Koonce said.

Since they have a background in biology and some chemistry, Forensics is available only to Juniors and Seniors at PLHS.