Is Taylor Swift’s new album worth staying up till Midnight?


An image of the album cover of Midnights, Taylor Swift’s newest addition to her discography.

Released on October 21st, Taylor Swift continues to create record-breaking pop songs in her 10th studio album, Midnights, becoming Spotify’s most streamed album in one day, according to The Guardian. But the question remains, is Midnights worth the hype? 


Midnights contains 13 songs telling the story of thirteen sleepless nights. Three hours after the album dropped, Swift released an additional seven songs to the album in the 3:00 AM edition of the album. Midnights strays away from the acclaimed storytelling genre which marked both Folklore and Evermore, instead moving in an autobiographical direction.


Swift returns to her pop roots with songs like “Lavender Haze,” “Karma,” and “Bejeweled,” and she does it well. While they lyrically are not her best, these songs are some of the most popular and definitely the most catchy songs on the album. For example, “Karma” is far from the best song on the album or in Swift’s career, but is nonetheless amusing and a fan favorite. 


Swift’s strong suit, however, is her more emotional songs. In “Antihero.” Swift shows her late-night feelings of self-loathing. Delivered with a music video, this song remains a relatable and popular song, even sparking a trend on TikTok. Track five of the album is probably the most emotional song of all. “You’re on your Own Kid” contains one of the best bridges of Swift’s career and the best song of the album.

“Snow on the Beach” featuring Lana del Ray was a highly anticipated collaboration, but may disappoint some. Del Ray takes the back seat on the song but still shines through. Both artists’ voices create a great and delightful combination. The song sounds beautiful and has astonishing writing.


“Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” is the best song on the 3:00 AM edition, showing Swift’s feelings of anger and regret in an emotional song. Swift’s vocals especially shine through as her emotions seep through the recording.


Overall, Midnights is truly one of the strongest of the year and of Swift’s career. Although it isn’t Swift’s best album, it contains a cohesive theme, strong vocals, and great production. Many other songs in the middle of the album are great as well. The album does take multiple listens, though it doesn’t take a Mastermind to see Swift’s skill at portraying the stories of her late nights through 13 well-written songs and 7 surprise bonus tracks.