Don’t Worry Darling – or do


Courtney Rook, Contributor

Novice director Olivia Wilde’s newest movie premiered on September 23, and critics and fans alike have been flooding the internet with their reviews. Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Florence Pugh, and former One Direction band member Harry Styles were chosen to star in the controversial film.


The movie takes place in traditional 1950s suburbia inside a company town called Victory, California. Alice, played by Florence Pugh, finds herself living in this town with her husband Jack Chambers. Played by Harry Styles, Jack is introduced as the perfect, doting husband. 


Alice is only given one rule: Don’t leave Victory. As the husbands leave town for work every day, the wives complete their daily chores and gather for social outings. During this time, the wives gossip, and it is revealed that they aren’t allowed to know what their husbands do for work. 


Alice becomes increasingly confused as secrets are uncovered, and odd things start happening all around her. She slowly comes to the realization that not everything is as it seems, and she is faced with a question: Is she willing to lose everything to find out what is actually going on in “paradise?”


During late summer, the movie received some buzz, but not because of the movie itself. Instead, allegations that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were causing trouble on the film set claimed the pair were being “unprofessional.”  Fans began speculating that Florence Pugh and the cast also didn’t get along.


Many were left wondering if this drama was a publicity stunt or true dysfunction. Either way, it brought lots of public attention to the film and fans were eager to see it.


It is apparent that Florence Pugh carried the film and overshadowed Styles’ basic acting. During serious scenes, Harry seems awkward and doesn’t flow well with the film.


While in Victory, Jack and Alice are seen fighting. In this scene, Harry’s acting is emotionally detached while Pugh is deeply into the display.


The acting differences may occur because of experience. Florence Pugh has appeared in at least 22 movies throughout her career, whereas Harry Styles has acted in around five.


The movie would have been better if they had a more experienced male lead because Harry is dull in comparison to Florence, and it is quite apparent he is just there for the star factor. Shia LaBeouf was originally supposed to be the male lead; however, Olivia Wilde ultimately fired him from the film for having “combative energy.”


The continuous overuse of creepy synchronized dancers and close-up shots of random eyeballs makes viewers uncomfortable and sick of seeing the same images over and over. For a psychological thriller, the ending and climax of the movie weren’t exciting at all and leave viewers with more questions than answers.


Styles said, “You know, my favorite thing about the movie is, like, it feels like a movie. It feels like a real, like, you know, ‘go to the theater’ film movie.” I disagree and feel like moviegoers should save their money on this film.