Why you should cram this club into your schedule

An interview with AP Cram Club


Karishma Kumar, Contributor

With the arrival of spring comes AP testing season.  From May 1st to 12th, students in every grade will be taking their AP tests down in the gym. AP Cram Club is designed to help students succeed on their AP exams this May. Through their bi-weekly Monday after-school meetings, they cover the tips and tricks to getting at least a 5 on AP exams.


The club is led by juniors Samantha Berndt and Abby Hockford. They lead the meetings by helping other club members to make good study plans and learn test-taking tips, all while providing cookies, and more. Berndt talks more about this club and her experiences as a leader below.


What is AP cram club?

AP Cram Club is a club designed to help students succeed on the AP exams at the end of the year. Some of the topics we cover include how to make study plans, how to actively study, time management, test-taking tips, and the best resources available.


How many members are there?

Currently, we have 32 members. Our club is designed for people to come in and out as they please, so we usually have a circulating group.


How often do you meet?

This year we plan on meeting every other week. We notify members through either the Groupme or the Insta page. Normally we meet on Mondays, but that can vary depending on our schedules. 


What does a typical meeting look like?

A typical meeting includes cookies (obviously) and a lesson for the day. We also have guest speakers come in and explain how the AP Exams work along with how they are graded. Finally, we run group study sessions where we practice taking different questions from the exams.


Why did you start this club?

We decided to continue this club because it helped us succeed during our freshman year. Maya, the leader at the time, continued the meetings virtually. Although the group was small, the things she taught us allowed us to succeed. She taught me how to make a study plan and actually follow it, which allowed me to get fives in every AP exam I have taken so far.


What is your favorite part of the club?

I enjoy spending time with the underclassmen and being able to form new relationships with people. AP Cram Club has become more of a community over the past few years. I love hearing ideas from members about what to teach them, and I love watching them continue to succeed.


Why is AP Cram club important?

AP cram club is important because it helps you learn life skills that will help you in other classes, college, and eventually your career. Time management, prioritizing, and studying are all important habits to learn while you are young. Additionally, in order to get college credit, you have to get at least a three on AP tests. The College Board does not care whether you aced that last test or have an A in the class. All they care about is your ability to perform on that specific day on those specific questions. Although you should not put pressure on yourself, it’s good to remember that you need to be prepared and ready for when that day comes. You don’t get test corrections or retakes. 


Who would you recommend to join?

Anyone taking literally any AP class and any underclassmen taking an AP class. Honestly, almost anyone can come because most of the study and test-taking skills are so versatile and can help in almost any class. Again, things like time management and study habits are extremely important for anyone in school. 


What do you see as the future of AP Cram Club?

I see the future of AP Cram Club as a club not just for AP students, but for everyone. I believe that our community could expand to include others who are not currently in any AP classes. Again, the skills we cover can be beneficial for people taking honors or general classes as well. This club is not exclusive, nor was it ever intended to be.


Any advice to anyone stressed for their upcoming AP tests?

Start today. Don’t keep putting your studying off. Procrastination is the nemesis of accomplishment. If you’re feeling stressed about upcoming tests… just relax. Take a break and come back to it. I would recommend studying little by little until you’ve done as much as you can. Remember to not put so much pressure on yourself and simply do your best. 


Anything else you would like to say about this club?

It has been a pleasure being a leader of this club and helping fellow students with life skills. I truly appreciate all of those who have come to past meetings and continue to come to meetings now and in the future.