Student musician strings together passion

Meet senior violin virtuoso Breanna Lee


courtesy of Breanna Lee

Breanna Lee plays the violin at a recent performance

Breanna Lee, like other seniors at Prior Lake High School, spent much of her senior year applying to colleges.

But unlike other students, Breanna is auditioning for prestigious music programs around the United States to be able to continue her passion for playing the violin while in college.

Playing violin since 6 years old, Breanna devotes a large chunk of her time outside of school to practicing the violin. Now, as a senior, she applied to colleges in Denver, Columbus, and Minneapolis for their music programs, choosing the University of Denver to continue her music career.

Breanna said she has to go through college first to discover all the possibilities for her future.

Regarding her music, “I’ve been very passionate about it. I’ve really enjoyed it; it’s taught me a lot of things like patience and endurance and perseverance,” Breanna said. 

Playing the violin has shaped the person she is today and her outlook on life.

Breanna’s mom, Meiling Lee said, “I think violin has played a positive part in her development, and it’s helped her become very mature at a young age, — a very hard worker.” 

Watching Breanna grow up, Mrs. Lee noticed the impact the violin has had on her growth.  For Breanna, playing the violin gives her the opportunity to express herself in ways she normally wouldn’t. “When Breanna plays violin, it helps her with her creative side that she doesn’t normally express,” Mrs. Lee said.

Mrs. Lee also said Breanna’s inner self and her quietness just leave once she plays.

Many of Breanna’s personality traits can be attributed to her years spent playing the violin. Playing the violin has opened Breanna to countless opportunities to not only improve her violin skills but her communication skills as well.

“She is someone who knows how to work on a team. She doesn’t just take private lessons. She’s also in an orchestra and performs chamber music, so that really helped her develop how to communicate with other people,” Mrs. Lee said.

Through music, Breanna is able to show her personality in a different light. 

Mrs. Lee said Breanna has always been kind and a bit sensitive, and it translates to her music.

Playing the violin teaches Breanna patience and perseverance. Her ability to persevere was really put to the test during the pandemic when she began to doubt herself and her passion for the violin.

“I was really struggling during Covid. Like, I didn’t even know what I was doing; it just seemed pointless,” Breanna said.

 In the midst of the pandemic, Breanna struggled to find love for the violin and music.

Breanna said she asked herself if she really wanted to go into music or if that was just an unrealistic dream.  But with her ability to persevere, she was able to push herself past this musical slump.

“A major accomplishment I got through was when I overcame losing my passion for violin and music during the Covid years,” Breanna said. 

Now as a senior, Breanna has obtained an even greater love for music and the violin and received acceptance to every music program she applied to. 

From the lessons she learned from the violin, she was able to persevere through her self-doubt.

Mrs. Lee said she respects “The strength that she carries, her perseverance, how she always tries to improve, and how she strives for perfection.” 

We wish Breanna the best as she continues her musical career in Colorado!