College Equals Stress

Megan Zentner, Contributer

Fall: A time when girls go to the apple orchard just to take pictures for Instagram, and kids spend hours in the costume aisles at Target. But, for many seniors, college is the only thing on our minds. Applications can be compared to murderers in horror movies, while the anticipation for an acceptance letter is like the man who cannot be killed.

I, for one, am feverishly waiting to find out my fate. I’m kind of going crazy, as I’m positive others are too. Even the sight of PLHS students wearing apparel with the name of my top choice college embroidered across it sends me into a slight rampage. I believe we all just need to take a few deep breaths and understand that where we end up is where we are meant to be. Colleges have put so much pressure on the class of 2017 to be perfect. It is to the point where kids with 3.8 GPA and countless volunteer hours question their ability to get into the college of their dreams. This leads to a frantic rush to perfect college essays, push up grades, remove blemishes on applications, and get recommendations, all while remaining sane.

On top of this, kids, parents, and society believe the notion that success comes from countless acceptance letters. The most qualified applicants are nervously silent when the discussion of college arises, due to the pressure to be the best. Teenagers are tasked with the challenge to experience the joys of senior year while focusing on the next portion of their lives. And let me tell you, that is hard work. Here is a little reminder that this is normal. I’ve never been so stressed out from a word until I heard the word college. The burdens we all put on ourselves and the intense conversations had at the lunch table about this topic are insane. By November, early admission applications will be completed and the long wait to hear yes or no will have begun. No matter what, it is going to be okay. I bet your college essays were eloquently written and your letters of recommendation full of compliments. The stress, while ridiculous, will be worth it.