Order in the Court

Team Blue takes 2nd place at the Lakeville North Invitational on December 17, 2016


“Mock Trial is an activity where students take on the roles of lawyers and witnesses and argue two sides of a case in a real-life court setting,” Kyla Krohn said. This year’s case is unique because it is amendment-based.  The Plaintiff Chris Jackson is a student who makes a video titled “tyranny” which mocks the school principal. The issue of the case is whether the school district had the right to suspend Jackson for creating and posting this video or not. “I am an attorney, and I give the opening statement on the behalf on the plaintiff and a closing argument on the behalf of the defense.” In addition to her role as an attorney, Krohn’s responsibilities also entail being a captain on the varsity team. “As a captain, I have the responsibility to making sure the whole team is doing their work before I can do my own. I have the responsibility to helping the newer members and making sure everyone is working hard and is ready for trial day. Adding on to that; Mr. Daggit and Mr. Gaudette are a very good addition to our team. They help push us and always strive to improve and have fun.” Krohn also says that the new coaches this year make Mock Trial very enjoyable. The team’s last tournament, the Lakeville North Invitational, went better than the SSC meet.  Prior Lake ranked twice. Team Blue ranked 2nd overall and Team White ranked 5th overall with multiple individual honors throughout the three Prior Lake teams. “There was a lot of hard competition however all of our teams are growing as each week progresses,” Krohn added. “As a member of the team, I hope that all of our members continue to listen to the feedback that they are given and keep improving, but most of all I want them to enjoy the activity and have a fun experience overall.”