You’re in For(eign) a Treat – France


Preethi Kumar, Contributor

Olivia Lafargue is a foreign exchange student that is studying here all the way from France. She shared some of her experiences about living in Minnesota and her thoughts on it so far.

Lafargue is 16 years old, but studying as a senior here at Prior Lake High School. She is staying with Danielle Hershey, who is an 8th grader at one of our middle schools.

Lafargue wanted to come to the United States for many reasons. First, she wanted to better her English because her main language back home is French. She also wanted to visit a new country and meet lots new people.

When Lafargue found out that she was coming to Minnesota, she was very excited. “My brother came here a few years ago and he stayed in Brooklyn Park,” says Lafargue. He told Lafargue that everybody is very friendly and that the winter is very cold (which I’m sure we can all agree on).

Leaving for Minnesota was a little difficult for Lafargue. She loves her family and misses them a lot. Luckily, she is able to talk to her family a lot.

There are many things that are different about the school system here compared to France. Their schedules change every day, but these changes are the same each week. For example, on Mondays you would go to a certain class, Tuesdays you would go to certain classes and so on. They also do things differently when the teacher isn’t able to come to school that day. “If the teacher isn’t there, we don’t have to go to class,” says Lafargue.

School starts around 8 a.m. and can end around 6 p.m., but this schedule can vary from person to person. For some classes, they don’t have to do anything which is similar to our open periods.

Lafargue says that for her, personally, schooling is easier in France because she is use to learning in French instead of English. But when it comes to specific subjects and how they are taught, Lafargue says it is more difficult in France.

Lafargue also says that lunches are very different compared to here. They have a wide variety of food and healthier options to chose from.

Lafargue has enjoyed Minnesota very much and is excited for what’s to come! Let’s give Olivia a memorable year here at the PLHS!