Nordic Skiing Comes to a Brisk End


Noelle Hoepner , Contributor

Nordic skiing is a sport that not many people have heard of. Nordic skiing is basically skiing long distances at a fast rate.

There is two different types of skiing that make up this sport. Skate skiing sounds just like it is, skiers skate on their skies at a fast pace. The other form is classic skiing. Classic skiing has a specific path that the skiers go in and the motion is much like running.  

Prior Lake High School has a nordic team that is very competitive. Boys varsity tends to win most of the meets/races that PLHS Nordic Team goes to. Girls varsity scores very high as well.

Nordic at PLHS is split up into two different “levels”; there is varsity, and junior varsity. Many veterans (or teens who have been on the team many years) are on varsity, and junior varsity is mostly made up of rookies and other veterans that aren’t quite as experienced as most varsity.

Nordic skiers at PLHS mostly have races every week, and some weeks there is two races! The races are located at either Hyland or Wirth Park. The race lengths are normally five kilometers, but some races can be shorter lengths or a relay.

Earlier in the season, when there is no snow, PL Nordic skiers are out on the sidewalks rollerskiing. Rollerskiing is like rollerblading, except instead of having just a boot with wheels, there is a bar that has the wheels on the ends of it, and the boot then clicks into the bar. Also there is equipment such as poles that the skier can use.

Every year, PL Nordic Skiers look forward to the team trip that they can go on if they choose. This year, they went to Ironwood Michigan and skied for three days straight. In past years, they have gone to Birkebeiner Trails in Wisconsin.  

The team also gets to bond many evenings at pasta parties, which are held at a team members house. Team members have close friendships with each other, and that is very important to have. Nordic skiing is a fun, and hardworking sport that everyone should try.