All About Prior Lake Girls Track and Field


Jillian Hiveley (on the right)

    Prior Lake Track and Field is an amazing sport that everyone should try. This spring sport definitely challenges you in a good way and makes you a better overall athlete. Track is split off into mainly two teams, Varsity and JV.

    Prior Lake Track and Field has multiple meets and the team welcomes everyone, no matter what your skill level is. It is also a good way to be competitive and go up against schools around Minnesota.

    I interviewed Prior Lake Girls Track and Field Varsity Athlete, Jillian Hiveley, and asked her some questions ranging from the individual aspect of track along with the team aspect.


Question: What is track like at Prior Lake High School?

Answer: Track is great here! We’re obviously not the best in the state but we all work hard and the coaches are great.

Question: What events do you all do?

Answer: I run any sprints from the 100-meter dash to 300-meter hurdles.

Question: What is your favorite part of track?

Answer: Definitely big meets.

Question: What is the team aspect of track like at Prior Lake High School?

Answer: We win together or we lose together. Yes, there are individual wins but as a team, we get scored each meet so we are all working together in the end.

Question: How many meets are the in a season?

Answer: There is a lot of meets in a season. There are most varsity meets than JV but everyone gets the chance to participate and have a lot of fun.

Question: What has been your favorite meet to run in and why?

Answer: Definitely Hamline because it was such a cool experience and it was amazing.

Question: What is your least favorite part of track?

Answer: Any time we do broken runs in practice or when the team doesn’t do well in meets.

Question: What is the community like in track?

Answer: We are all kind of together but also apart. There are times when I see a girl at track and I don’t know her but everyone kind of knows everyone. For the most part, we are close.

Question: How do you get to know your teammates outside of track practices?

Answer: I see them a lot at school or we hang out outside of school. It’s really fun to hang out with the girls on the track team because it’s different than other sports because of the individual races and other events.