An out of this world team


Not only is Pluto a Dwarf Planet, but it also happens to be the name of our Ultimate Frisbee teams. PLUTO stands for Prior Lake Ultimate Team, and they added the “O” just to make the name sound cooler.


A PLUTO game usually last for around 100 minutes or until a team reaches 15 points. The objective of Ultimate is very similar to other sports, as the teams are trying to get the disk to their side to score a goal. If you have the disk, a foot must stay put while you use to others to lean whichever way you need to so you can throw the disk. You have 10 seconds to throw the disk to someone else on the team, or the disk is turned over.  


PLUTO consists of a boys team and a girls team. In past years, Ultimate had a co-ed team, consisting of mostly boys. In the past two years, there has been an increase in female interest and they were able to have separate girls and boys team.


One unique thing about Ultimate is Spirit of the Game. Ultimate had no referees. Instead, the players are all good sports and make any calls for any fouls. At the end of their games, players from both sides get together in what’s called “a spirit circle.” Both teams say “good job” to the other team, and sometimes they give out “spirit awards.” A few players from both teams give little awards, from stickers to serenading the other team, for people who they thought had great spirit and played with a great attitude. PLUTO gives out Cosmic Brownies to go along with their Pluto and space theme.


Cecilia Lindstrom, one of the PLUTO’s captains, said one of the things she enjoys most about ultimate is “the balance of intensity and good sportsmanship. I really appreciated going into a sport knowing I would just be able to have fun and use it as a break from all the pressure that classes and other sports can add to my life.”


As a first-year player, there are many things and traditions I enjoy being a part of. The girls’ team has a tradition of wearing fun socks during their tournaments. They also have fun chants like “We’re a Planet” after scores by the team. Another thing I have enjoyed is everyone’s attitude. Many of the games we played this year were in cold, windy, rainy weather (which is not ideal to play ultimate frisbee). Despite the impractical weather, everyone continues to have a smile and just happy to be there.


Pluto may be 3,670,050,000 miles from the sun, but the players definitely have sun shined filled days by being a part of an out of this world team.