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Parking Woes at Prior Lake

Alec Jaspersen, Contributor

February 28, 2017

Filed under Opinion

With the start of the new semester at Prior Lake High School, even more students are hopping into their cars and driving to school, but several of them won’t be able to find a parking spot. Parking has been a problem at Prior Lake...

To Cancel or To Delay?

Alec Jaspersen, Contributor

February 23, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Picture this: You're a high school student, watching the news, and the weather report says the roads will be completely frozen over or three feet of snow will come tonight, or maybe even that temperatures are going to be -20...

Is the ACT a good way to judge students’ knowledge?

Allison Stocker, Contributor

February 6, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Colleges from all around the United States have adopted the practice of requiring an ACT/SAT score upon acceptance to their school. However, a few schools have begun to drop this requirement. George Washington University in Washin...

Creativity Killed The Cat

Cara Keith, Feature Journalist

January 7, 2017

Filed under Opinion

As a high school senior whose K-12 experience is coming to a close, I can’t help but to look back at my years in school and wonder if the system is flawed. For me, the biggest issue is that I can’t recall the last time I needed...

Is Homework Necessary?

Sarah Lindquist, Editorial

November 21, 2016

Filed under Opinion

For eight hours every day,  high school students have the luxury of sitting in classrooms to learn about a variety of things.  This is without a doubt an opportunity that some of the world does not have, and we have every rea...

College Equals Stress

Megan Zentner, Contributer

November 21, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Fall: A time when girls go to the apple orchard just to take pictures for Instagram, and kids spend hours in the costume aisles at Target. But, for many seniors, college is the only thing on our minds. Applications can be comp...

Hybrids and Opens – The Controversy

Kaytlyn Herbst, News

November 15, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Ever since hybrids and opens have been introduced at Prior Lake High School, Campus Supervisors as well as students have struggled to understand and follow rules based on when students can leave. A hybrid is a class that seniors...

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