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Advice for Juniors from a Senior

Katie Gauquie, Contributor

April 19, 2018

This time of year is extremely stressful for all grade levels, but arguably juniors receive more stress than other grade levels. Sure seniors are stressed about picking a college and graduation, while freshmen and sophomores worry...

Semester One: The Beginning of the End

Katie Gauquie, Contributor

January 24, 2018

As the end of my high school career comes to an end, it's hard to believe that only 2 quarters remain before I leave high school once and for all. Each quarter and each year provides a student with a different challenge and different...

Open Minded, Open Hours

Maddison Van Cleve, Contributor

December 15, 2017

At Prior Lake High School, students must stay in the building during their open hours. According to the Prior Lake High School Student and Parent Guide, “During the open periods students will be required to be in the terrazzo...

Private Versus Public Schools

Maggie Muelken, Contributer

October 16, 2017

There has been a lot of debate on the differences between public and private schools. Although there are many differences, the two are similar in more ways than one. Both private and public schools have special programs, advanced ...

Parking Woes at Prior Lake

Alec Jaspersen, Contributor

February 28, 2017

With the start of the new semester at Prior Lake High School, even more students are hopping into their cars and driving to school, but several of them won’t be able to find a parking spot. Parking has been a problem at Prior Lake...

To Cancel or To Delay?

Alec Jaspersen, Contributor

February 23, 2017

Picture this: You're a high school student, watching the news, and the weather report says the roads will be completely frozen over or three feet of snow will come tonight, or maybe even that temperatures are going to be -20...

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